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TGA Subcool Seeds



The taste, Like a Grape Cheese Danish is amazing and we already dig this new strain. Both variations of the females are special in their own way as far as flavor is concerned. The Urkle Dom has a more grape musty taste and the Cheese Dom that unusual cheese smell, but both of the females have the same euphoric head high combined with a body stone. I can't wait to have this strain tested at the lab as both MzJill and myself get really high after smoking it to the point of impairment and that's unusual for us. Its easy to smoke has a nice flavor but the high is much stronger than you would expect and I think Cheese Quake gets me higher with more pain relief that either of it's parents.

Phenotypes - Variation with phenotypes like both parent strains
Height - Medium to Tall
Yield - Heavy
Indoor / Outdoor
Best Way to grow - Untopped forms a classic tree shape topped forms a thick bush like plant
Harvest Window-8-9 weeks
Sativa / Indica 40/60
Hybrid - Cheese X Urkle X Space Queen
High type - Head tingling initial buzz followed by energetic body stone
Taste / Smell: Pungent and funky with hints of Cheese and fruits along with a musty sour smell and hints of grape

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TGA Subcool Seeds CHEESEQUAKE x5 RegTGAR51944.00
TGA Subcool Seeds CHEESEQUAKE x10 RegTGAR1988.00