UK Parliamentary Report Set To Call For Legalisation Of Medical Cannabis

A call has been made, for the legalisation of medical Cannabis in the UK by a cross party group of MPs, after an inquiry into the drugs potential to help patients. 

The reccomendation would put the UK alongside the 24 US States and 11 EU countries that have already made the same decision. Published on Tuesday, the report calls for medical cannabis to be freely avaliable to medical patients here in the UK. This would mean that a doctor would be able to prescribe Cannabis for up to 60 pre determined ailments or illnesses. 

After a review of over 600 patients and advise of medical professionals, Prof Mike Barnes found significant evidence that Cannabis can help alleviate muscle spasms and chronic pain as well as providing effective management of anxiety, nausea and vomiting. Side effects of chemotherapy. A sign that professional opinion has changed when it comes to the medical properties of Cannabis. 

If approved, this can only mean a good thing for the future of cannabis genetic research. With an already booming cannabis industry, the UK can look forward to the ability to access even more CBD rich varietys of cannabis, with the research being backed by the UK Government and approved doctors. 

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