Rest in peace Franco Loja 20th May 1974 - 2nd January 2017

Franco Loja of Strain Hunters and Greenhouse seeds dies aged 42.

Franco Loja of Strain Hunters and Greenhouse seeds passed away on 2nd January 2017. The man was a legend in the industry having made seeds of many of todays household strains available to the public including Super Lemon Haze, White Rhino, Great White Shark, Big Bang, Money Maker and Flowerbomb Kush to name a few but for also being a big part of the cannabis community, using the Strain Hunters brand to travel the world spreading the word of medicinal cannabis and the wonders of CBD. Words cannot describe how good Strain Hunters has been for the global cannabis community, showing the true side of our wonderful industry to the general public who have now been able to see how much hard work and dedication goes in to what we do.

Franco Loja passed away after visiting the Congo to bring them the power of CBD, his work in the medicinal marijuana sector has helped so many people across the world. From genetics to the public image of cannabis Franco has been improving the way people view and use cannabis for years.

Our hearts go out to Franco's friends and family and to every member of the Greenhouse and Strain Hunters family.

Rest in peace Franco your work will be missed, you truly are a star of the cannabis community.

Franco Loja 20th May 1974 - 2nd January 2017

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