Blue Sprayed Shoes Remix Auto

Blue Sprayed Shoes Remix Auto

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Flowering Time
10-11 Weeks
Lineage Tyrone Stomper F6 x Blue Microverse F4
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Blue Sprayed Shoes Remix' is a true F1 hybrid that responds incredibly well to topping and training, as the satellite branches can reach the same heights as the main cola. Golfball-sized buds climb their way up the branches, finishing with lovely little cola groupings at the top! Blue Sprayed Shoes Remix Auto Cannabis Seeds by Night Owl Seeds produces effects that are both functional and mentally stimulating when used in moderation, but excessive consumption can easily cause heavy sedation. Please take warning that the flavour profile makes this an easy mistake, and note that the smell of Blue Sprayed Shoes Remix is extremely loud The original Blue Sprayed Shoes was one of the most highly acclaimed and sought-after Secret Owl Society strains is back better than ever before! Blue Sprayed Shoes Remix produces medium to large plants expressing heavy branching, vast bud sites, and insane resin production. The branches themselves are typically laden with glorious trichomes as are her buds, which draws on this resin coverage from the Grape Stomper OG & Blue Magoo Bx2 ancestry.

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