Popesicle Auto

Popesicle Auto

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Flowering Time
10-11 Weeks
Lineage Tyrone Stomper F6 x Purple Pope Purple Wizard Pheno
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Popesicle Auto by Night Owl Seeds' progeny produces medium to large plants that stacks heavy, sturdy branching and a fair bit more stretch than most Tyrone Stomper hybrids. Popesicle packs candied grape popsicle & wine-like flavours that explode from this Secret Owl Society variety, there's a deep earth and slightly peppery to the backend of the flavour, and will produce progeny that are evenly split between the purple and green phenotype expressions.  Popesicle truly shines with heavy training, and some defoliation, allowing light and airflow. Popesicle brings heady- euphoric effects, if consumed too frequently then it can lean more towards a sedating narcotic side. Be sure not to let the super sativa-style structure fool you, as she's an all-round potent indica-style strain. As with all the Purple Pope strains, the yield can be significantly higher than average. 

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