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Runt-Zu Feminised

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Flowering Time
8-9 Weeks
Lineage Runtz x Lemon Shocker
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Grateful Seeds ran a large selection of Lemon Shocker bred by Obsolul3t with their good friend Bimosway. BimoSway found a special keeper from this line that was an amazing hash washer strain, that provided really exotic terps from the Lemon Tree Lineage. Lemon / Lemon Tree strains typically don't have great wash returns, so they knew this was a unique plant indeed. The Lemon Washer cut has great vigour, and expresses beautiful deep purple tones in late flower, the terp profile is lemony but incredibly candy too, and the resin is of such good quality that it is almost liquid. Grateful Seeds make the smart decision to take this special cut and cross her with the Runtz. After completing testing, Grateful Seeds found that she provided an exotic mix of terpenes that blends lemon, Z and gelato terps perfectly. With other males/ pollen donors, the Lemon Shocker tends to dominate the terp profile with a tantalisingly powerful mix of sour and lemon notes. However, when hit with the Runtz, the Lemon Shocker cut has met her match as they found a perfect blend of Runtz & Lemon Shocker. Runt-Zu tends to be a medium-sized plant and medium height that has a large stretch, Runt-Zu was a genetic cross that was planned to improve the resin profile and quantity of the Runtz, as it is typically isn't the best returner. Thankfully with the Runt-Zu this has been ramped up drastically so you can expect good extraction returns from this cross.

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