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Savage Hulk F2 Regular

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Flowering Time
8-10 Weeks
Lineage Savage Hulk x Savage Hulk
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Savage Hulk F2 is the second generation of the Savage Hulk hybrid which mixes an impeccable blend of fruity gas with zkittlez and cookie leaning parents. The Savage Hulk F2 crosses Savage Hulk with a sibling from the same seed stock. Savage Hulk is a cross of Zkittlez, Dosidos and Bruce Banner #5, with the Bruce Banner #5 being the mother  that's been fused with the Zkittlez & Dosidos genetics, this fusing combines two of the most popular terp profiles on the market; Z with Cookies. The lineage says it all with its star-studded genetics; they'll be pure gold to hunt through. You'll find everything from Bruce Banner to Zkittlez to gassy cookie notes expressed in the F2 variety, making this a dream to pheno hunt and locate your favourite selections. The Savage Hulk packs out crazy large yields and lip-smacking flavours that have led this unique cultivar to be a leading staple across countless legal dispensaries in the UK. Strawberries, gas, candy, and cookie notes can be found in this exceptional cultivar, so get your phenotype hunting glasses on and see what you can find!

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