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The Pedigree Regular

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Flowering Time
8-10 Weeks
Lineage Bruce Banner 3 x Savage Hulk
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

The Pedigree is one of the latest strains to drop from Dark Horse Genetics, and true to the name, this is the ultimate pedigree strain from Dark Horse Genetics. The Pedigree found in these seeds represents the very best of all the strains Dark Horse Genetics have ever made. The world-class Bruce Banner #3 and #5 have been paired with the insane genetics found throughout the Savage Hulk thanks to the Zkittlez & Do-Si-Dos parentage, that fuses cookies, soapy candy gas and pure gas and strawberry candy. It doesn't get much more exotic and intense than this, with the strains being firm favourites in Dark Horse Genetics stable as well as to just about every self-respecting cannabis connoisseur in the game. The Pedigree packs power into resin-covered chunky buds full of Bruce Banner strawberry gas and some phenotypes producing gorgeous purple-tinged dense and fruit-packed buds. The overall terp profile has been aptly described as the fruit snacks candy with a hefty bite of piney OG gas in the backend. The Pedigree is an excellent plant for outdoors as it puts out a beastly structure that is quite resilient.

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