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      3 products

      The Afghani used in our breeding program was a true landrace Afghani acquired by an older member of the crew. This person was responsible for bringing back tonnes of Afghan border hash into the UK during the 80's.

      In one of his shipments he had requested some seeds to be bought over, eventually, in one of the several consignments, this was granted when he found a leather pouch containing a good handful of seeds. After giving some out to various associates at that time, he ended up keeping a little amount in a photo film case.

      I myself have known this guy since I was 15, but it wasn't till around 2000 when I was given theses seeds to try out. I didn't start them till I had enough room..... around a year later!

      Surprisingly, out of about 50 seeds, 29 germinated, and out of these were a selected female and a highly admirable male, which just had the most 'vigour' out of all the Afghani's!

      The reason why we kept this Afghani male was because we knew that this would be true breeding stock, and more importantly, it was our own genetics!!!

      We are also constantly pushing the BBC to celebrities to endorse, so far we have smoked with Howard Marks, Noel Gallagher, Jamiroquai, Bez from the Happy Mondays, even the new single from Sean Paul mentions the cheese, from when we gave him some last year, I so believe in our products so the more we can promote our UK Cheese all around the world, THE BETTER!