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London Velvet Cake Feminised

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Flowering Time
8.5 - 9 Weeks
Lineage Pink Champagne Bx1 x Sour Apple Runtz
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

London Velvet Cake by Conscious Genetics is a hybrid from their Sour Apple Runtz clone reversal line known for its insane THC production, bringing the Sour Apple Runtz's knock-out effects to just about everything it touches. The Pink Champagne Bx1 brings her uniquely fragranced terpene profile to the table that blends with the Sour Apple Runtz ideally to create an unusual musky blend balanced perfectly by a gaseous yet decadent cake/baked-goods-like terpene profile. London Velvet Cake puts out beautiful, dense purple flowers throughout that look like they've been dusted with a bowl of trichomes. The flavour is so smooth & creamy that the name Velvet cake was an obvious choice, few strains of cannabis have as smooth & relaxing smoke as the London Velvet Cake. Growers can expect that they'll find a range of heights across a canopy of London Velvet Cake, with various plant sizes being found across the different phenos, ranging from small to medium to large. The estimated flowering time of the London Velvet Cake is 8.5 to 9 weeks in total. Sour Apple Runtz is itself a hybrid of the infamous Runtz cut pollinated with the reversal of Lumpy's cut of the Apple Fritter. Sour Apple Runtz is known for its crazy THC production, which has rocked just about every smoker that has tried it and ensured it was a stellar choice for breeding. Sour Apple Runtz passes on her insane THC production to most of the progeny, making it a great choice for extraction. The creamy Runtz notes dominate but some phenos express a candied Apple hint to them from the Sour Apple Runtz lineage. 

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