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Calypso Fruit Feminised

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Flowering Time
8-9 Weeks
Lineage Pinepaya x Banana Gelee
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Calypso Fruit is the result of a long-term breeding project that has culminated here. They spent many years breeding the strains together, which resulted in the Calypso Fruit. The PinePaya mother is a cross of their Papaya with Grateful Seeds' Pineapple Madness, which blends a potent concoction of super rotten fruit terps that are so intense they almost decided to call her Rotten Fruits. Their Papaya mother has great hash-washing returns of around 5%, so it's hardly surprising that Calypso Fruit also has great resin production. The Pineapple Madness parent to the PinePaya is one of the most complex exotic Rotten pineapple terps there is to be experienced & thankfully, these complex notes can be found in the PinePaya mother. Banana Gelee is an in-house cross of the StrawberryBanana from DNA Genetics pollinated with the Cannardo Grape Gelee; she was chosen to be the pollen donor for this line due to its insane vigour and unbelievable grape terps. The Banana Gelee pollen has added some intense sweet fruity notes alongside the rotten aspect, and the resulting offspring is an incredible mix of unique fruit & rotting fruit flavours. Calypso Fruit grows strong with fast vigour and insane flower production; this high-yielding variety is bound to impress.

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