Papaya Bx1 Feminised

Papaya Bx1 Feminised

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Flowering Time
7-8 Weeks
Lineage Papaya (KCMango #33 x Afghani) (@calikosher cut) x Fruit Joy #20
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

The Fruit Joy Pollenator, Grateful Seeds' cross between the Barbara Bud and the Papaya, significantly improves vigour and resin production. So naturally, the best pheno of the Fruit Joy testing, number #20, was selected and reversed to backcross it to the Papaya. The objective of this cross was to cement the infamously rotten Papaya terps found from the original Papaya clone whilst also providing a plant with far better structure and an incredible uplift in resin production and quality. The resulting progeny of the Papaya BX1 cross tends to produce plants with a short indica pine tree structure filled with pure papaya terps that are more of a pure sweet fruit flavour, whilst the more putrid, rotten notes found in the original Papaya clone tend not to be expressed. The cross can produce monstrous yields, but the Papaya Bx1 is advised to be made for extraction as the flowers lack in the bag appeal levels that are typically found in modern hybrids. Papaya Bx1 produces sandy trichomes with a return of around 4-5% and perfect tropical terps.

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