Lady Sativa Genetics

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      6 products

      Lady Sativa Genetics is a Collective of growers from the U.K/Europe that are now based in Amsterdam Netherlands. L.S.G has many years of knowledgeable and experience.

      Breeder Jah Hoover is a well known grower from U.K has been crossing his favourite and Elite strains and documenting them online for many years and after so much demand for seeds Jah Hoover decided to make up a collective of Elite growers from U.K/Europe who are passionate about cannabis as much he is.

      Although L.S.G is a new seed company their roots run deep and they have been perfecting their strains for release to connoisseur cannabis growers around the Globe. In 2013 Lady Sativa Genetics entered the 26th Annual High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam Netherlands for the 1st time ever with their Knightsbridge O.G and won 3rd prize Indica.

      In 2014 Lady Sativa Genetics entered the 1st Barcelona Breeders Cup event and placed 1st Prize for their mind blowing Exodus Fuel Concentrate and 3rdPrize for the Infamous London City Diesel aka L.C.D.

      We only focus on making premium regular seeds as we believe nature should be left untouched!

      Lady Sativa Genetics – Grown with Passion for the Connoisseur.