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Lemonade Auto Feminised

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Flowering Time
10-11 Weeks from seed
Lineage Tangerine Sorbet x Lemon Skunk x Ruderalis
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

The heavy citrus essence dominates the Lemonade Auto, but describing it as this doesn't give the strain the credit it deserves. As it grows it stinks of citrus goodness from the orange and lemon notes, the growers at Paradise have advised that you can almost smell the Vitamin Changing in the air. The tangerine notes from the Tangerine Sorbet lineage have been deepened so she brings an exceptional sweetness the kind that can only usually be smelt when peeling a freshly picked tangerine. The sour lemon notes balance this sweetness perfectly and phenotypes leaning to either side of citrus terps can be found. Lemonade Auto grows with a typical sativa leaning structure as it has classic towering characteristics. Large buds are clustered around the primary cola with smaller but still extremely dense buds will grow off of the supporting branches. The buds tend to express an orange colouring which looks like it has been dusted with sugar thanks to the heavy trichome coverage. The effects of Lemonade Auto are typically uplifting and creative without the foggy or jittery speediness that can accompany some high THC sativa strains.

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