Moulin Rouge O.G. Regular

Moulin Rouge O.G. Regular

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Flowering Time
9-11 Weeks
Lineage Paris Larry OG x Karma Sour D Bx2
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Moulin Rouge O.G. Regular Cannabis Seeds by Karma Genetics is a staple sour kush hybrid for the connoisseur, a favourite of Karma Genetics himself, that grows with that distinctive O.G. kush structure and a direct stretch as it begins flowering. The bud structure is much more cone-shaped than a typical straight O.G. is, with the sour parentage influence showing. The overall flavour profile can range from straight lemon pine sol to slightly earthy, gassy and sour notes, with the effects providing being the exact effects you'd like from a true O.G. Sour, that super vibrant green weed that consistently gets you where you need to be. Moulin Rouge O.G. is a 9 to 11-week flowering strain producing medium to high yields.n their own right. ChemTini is potent yet retains relaxing body effects that are not overpowering. Simply exquisite.

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