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Orange Runtz Cake Feminised

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Flowering Time
8.5 - 9 Weeks
Lineage Orange Cheesecake Bx1 x Sour Apple Runtz
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Orange Runtz Cake by Conscious Genetics is one of several hybrids to drop from the Sour Apple Runtz reversal line from Conscious Genetics. Orange Cheesecake Bx1 is the mother of the Orange Runtz Cake which was picked as the receiver for the Sour Apple Runtz reversed pollen due to its crazy-terp profile and bag appeal. Orange Cheesecake is a cross of the Marmalade, hit with the Huckleberry Soda x Conscious Kush V1; whilst the CKV1 is a cross of Guard Dawg x (Blue Cookies x Orange Diesel V3) x Sunset Sherbert.  Orange Runtz Cake brings a decent level of gassy orange funk from the Orange Cheesecake genetics whilst also taking on the decadent creamy aspect of the Sour Apple Runtz, which uplifts the Orange Runtz Cake by adding a real depth of flavour that compliments the Orange Cheesecake genetics perfectly. In addition, the Sour Apple Runtz pollen has added significant density & improved the resin production whilst shortening the overall flowering time. Orange Runtz Cake is a highly indica leaning hybrid which shows a variety of phenotype expressions, producing plants that can grow short, medium or even tall with an estimated flowering type of 8.5 to 9 weeks. Conscious Genetics notes that some phenotypes that express the Orange Cheesecake side of the parentage particularly heavily may need to stretch up to 10 weeks of flower. Sour Apple Runtz is itself a hybrid of the infamous Runtz cut pollinated with the reversal of Lumpy's cut of the Apple Fritter. 

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