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Terpatron 3000 Regular

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Flowering Time
9-10 Weeks
Lineage Mandarin Biker x Mendo Grape Kush
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Sativa

Terpatron 3000 regular weed seeds by Ultra Genetics are an indica dominant hybrid strain using their keeper selection of the Mandarin Biker (bred by Karma Genetics) and Ultra Genetics in-house creation of the powerhouse Mendo Grape Kush. The resulting flavour profile is mouth-watering thanks to the fruity flavour bomb of tropical passion fruit blended expertly with the overly sweet Mandarin orange flavour. The plants tend to express deep purple hues, a dominant trait passed down from the Mendo Grape Kush, making for some beautiful progeny. Terpatron 3000 is super easy to grow variety that produces hefty yields and doesn't exhibit much stretch, meaning it is straightforward to manage. The phenotypes don't vary too much and every single one is jampacked with flavour thanks to the potent terps, the high is also extremely heavy, which can be traced back to the Kush lineage.

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