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Candy Lime Feminised

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Flowering Time
8-9 Weeks
Lineage G-Mob x Orange Nectar (reversal)
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Candy Lime is a cross of the G-Mob mother hit with the reversed Orange Nectar pollen from their carefully selected cut. Interestingly the Orange Nectar pollen reeks of orange, hinting at the exotic fruit terpene potential in the Candy Lime genetics. When G-Mob was crossed with the Orange Nectar reversed pollen, the resulting Candy Lime progeny produces some exceptional terpenes and seriously productive plants with intense colouring and great bag appeal. Zmoothiez took the G-Mob (GMO x Banana OG x San Fernando Valley OG x Black Dog Kush) bred by Biovortex of Humboldt Seed Organization as she meets all of the criteria for production, resin, terpenes that they believed would mix perfectly with the flavour-packed Orange Nectar. The Candy Lime progeny are large plants that grow quickly with great stretch, the poly hybrid cross has large leaves that demonstrate the indica properties that run throughout the G-Mob lineage, and the large leaves look typical of a classic OG structure. Candy Lime produces compact and resinous flowers with intense hits of citrus fruits, potent diesel & OG notes, and a wide variety of unique sweet, candy, and spicy nuances. Candy Lime expresses deep, eye-catching colours that mix purples with anise and orange pistils. Some of the phenotypes will express deep, dark purples that are reminiscent of the night sky due to the contrast of the glittering trichomes. Candy Lime is both powerful and relaxing with very pleasant effects due to its heavy 80% indica lineage. After a long day, your muscles will thank you for the sweet relief Candy Lime provides.

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