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Dr Chronic Seeds

Established 1991.

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Our Other Stores

Oh Yeah!

Where it all began. Oh Yeah! has become an institution in the local area. We have traded in the same place for over 30 years! A true, old school head shop.

UK Headshop

UK Headshop was the UK's first walk in, functional glassware gallery. We stock a range of designer glassware, heady glass and BHO/rosin extraction accessories.

Uk Hydroponics

UK Hydro/Southend Hydro is our new grow shop in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. We stock a huge range of grow tents, nutrients, grow lights, soil and much more.

Our History


Before Instagram, growers had to share their knowledge on grow forums. Back then there were three main forums, ICMag, Overgrow and HG420. Unfortunately HG420 closed in 2006.

Dr Chronic Seeds

Our very own strains, bred in house by Dr Chronic. We were the creators of Troublemaker, Chronics Revenge, Apollo 13 Space Bud and more.

Tenbomb Gallery

In 2015 with Tenbomb Artwork, we opened an artwork gallery. This was the inspiration to open a glassware gallery and in 2016 eventually became UK Headshop.

Who We Work With

Spannabis Expo

Spannabis is Europe's premier cannabis industry show, hosted in Barcelona, Spain.

Dr Chronic Seeds Product Earth Expo

Product Earth Expo

Product Earth is the UK's only cannabis industry expo. We have been proud to work with Product Earth since it's conception in 2016.

European Flame Off

European Flame Off is Europe's first functional glass show. The best heady glass artists from across the globe come together to take part.

THC Talk

We are happy to work alongside THC Talk growing forum. A great place to learn about growing your favourite plants.


UKCSC is a collective of cannabis clubs based in the UK. They provide valuable information to recreational and medical users whilst raising awareness and highlighting the issues prohibition brings.

Soft Secrets

Soft Secrets is a legendary cannabis publication available throughout Europe. We have been fortunate to work with Soft Secrets for a number of years.


Serious Seeds

Why would you buy cannabis seeds anywhere else?