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7 S.O.H. Feminised

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Flowering Time
8-9 Weeks
Lineage ZOZ x Banana Gelee
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

7 S.O.H., which stands for 7 Stars of Hokuto, is an absolute blessing for all lovers of incredible terps. 7 S.O.H. is a medium-sized plant with a robust body that leads to a bushy plant. The 7 S.O.H. generally can do with an extra week of vegetation, encouraging her to grow much taller so the flower fades nicely. Thankfully, the terps are extremely loud from the offspring of these super terpy parents. The resulting offspring will easily stink up the entire room, filling it with complex fruity terpenes. The ZOZ is a Zkittlez Bx1 that infuses the loud tropical candy terps that one expects with the Original Z alongside hints of gas from the OG Eddy Lepp lineage. Grateful Seeds have used her as the mother for several strains thanks to its insanely fruity Zkittlez candy terp profile. Meanwhile, Banana Gelee's pollinator is one of the Grateful Seeds' in-house creations that crosses the Strawnana from DNA Genetics with their Grape Gellee from Cannardo Genetics. The Banana Gelee was picked as a pollinator due to her incredible vigour and dominant grape terps. 7 S.O.H. produce an excellent flavour profile that is predominantly green fruit sharpened with hints of bitter chemical window cleaner notes, which balances perfectly with the unique black cherry notes. Thankfully 7 Stars of Hokuto passes her insane flavour over to the resin and produces an excellent resin filled with loud terps with a medium return.

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