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Auto Creeper

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Flowering Time
11-12 Weeks
Lineage Creeper x Williams Wonder
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Auto Creeper is one of the finest high-quality Sativa leaning autoflowers in today’s market! If you are looking for an autoflowering cannabis seed variety with a powerful high and an amazingly pungent aroma and taste then look no further, Auto Creeper is here to serve you! If you are into a sweet and sour aroma, with hints of lemon, apple and pineapple then this is what you need. Her aroma is quite pungent and with its mostly fruity and floral terps this is something that will truly capture your senses. The taste is also predominantly sour and floral with a tropical taste on the inhale and more lemon, earthy tart taste on the exhale. Some phenotypes can be like a strong Lemon Haze bud, but then infused with more sourer tropical tones. Pretty unique and complex, it’s a new terpene profile that we, up until now, had never smelled before. Auto Creeper is known to produce a large yield. She has an XXL-potential when grown in the right hands. On average yields of around 500 g/m2 are possible. When grown by an expert even higher yields are possible. Single plants grown in big pots can yield several hundred grams per plant, especially if they receive enough (sun)light and care.

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