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Baharak Regular

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Flowering Time
8-11 Weeks
Lineage Afghan landrace
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

The Baharak strain is named after the district where it was found in a field in the Hindukush area in the foothills of the sacred mountains. Baharak is an exemplary Afghanica that has evolved to perfection in this naturally favourable environment to develop into the heaven-sent hash plants that are now available in seed form. Baharak hums with a terpene profile of roasted pistachio and cumin spice – unique and delicious. The flavours are accompanied by a powerful, full-body effect that will leave in no doubt whatsoever that you are dealing with an authentic Afghanica. Like many of the Afghan Selection cannabis strains, Baharak lends itself perfectly to herbal extraction which amplifies the high – no wonder she is prized locally for her mind-blowing hashish.

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