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Bizcocho Feminised

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Flowering Time
8 Weeks
Lineage Biscotti x Bacio #4 x Z Road
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

The Biscotti x Bacio #4 phenotype selected as the mother for the Bizcocho is one of the favourite plants found through a rigorous selection completed on nine hybrids from Grounded Genetics' Bacio reversal line. This phenotype was a cross kept in-house for use in various breeding projects; Bizcocho is the first of the bunch to complete testing. The mother is the Biscotti x Bacio #4 pheno, which is a bushy, broad-leaf varietal that grows rock-solid flowers that reek of Biscotti but seriously amped up, whilst the Bacio lineage has far more influence on the structure of the buds themselves. The pollinator is the Z dominant selection of Zkittlez x (Road Dawg x Face Off OG Bx2), whose undeniable artificial candy filled aroma is heavy from the Z whilst the vigour from the OG is recessive trait that is carried through into its offspring when used as the reversed pollen donor. 

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