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Jordan Of The Islands

Blue God Regular

Blue God does well indoors or can grow outside in areas with a long season. It is best to grow the short, dense and bushy Blue God as a multi-branch plant. Jordan prefers gardening this strain in soil over the hydro method.

Indoors, Blue God reaches 3-4 feet in height and gets just as wide at the base. Outside, this solid Indica can reach 8-12 feet, crowded with massive buds and thick leaves that turn purple as it matures.

Even though Blue God will show incredible resin at 6-7 weeks, wise growers let it go 8 weeks for maximum yields. Blue God gives a very strong Indica nightcap high. Sleep and relief from chronic pain can come on fast; the strain doesn't suit activities that require alertness and energy. The smoke tastes somewhat the way the plant looks, deep with a hint of berry. Blue God won 4th place in the Cannabis Culture Toker's Bowl 2002

Toker's Bowl Award winning strain! Featured in the Big Book of Buds.

God Bud x Blueberry

Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks

Harvest Outdoor: Early October

Yield: 4-8 oz in, 8-16 oz out.

Height: 3-4 ft indoors, 8-12 outdoors.

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