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Zambeza Seeds

Blue Invader Auto Feminised

Blue Magnum - a feminised hybrid of the legendary Blueberry - has been a successful strain in the Zambeza Seeds catalogue for quite some time already. Now we are happy to announce the Blue Invader - an autoflowering strain that kept all the characteristics of Blue Magnum, while reducing the time it needs to mature. Stemming directly from the original Blueberry, our Blue Invader has the same sweet aroma, that brings the memories of blueberries.

The autoflowering Blue Invader is a result of cross breeding between the best genetics in the whole famous family of Blue. This particular strain was achieved by crossing Blueberry with Cannabis Ruderalis and Fast Bud. Its heritage include the attempts of old school growers from the hills in California and Oregon, who worked with Thai and Afghan races and hybrids. By mixing it with the autoflowering genetics, we made it possible for harvest to take place as soon as 8 to 9 weeks after sprouting.

As most of the autoflowering cannabis strains, our Blue Invader does not grow tall, reaching approximately 60-75 cm and each bush will yield around 45-55 gram. The plant concentrates on developing a single cola, so do not expect it to stretch much sideways. This is typical to all autoflowering varieties, allowing them to produce big and tasty buds.

Being an Indica dominant plant, our Blue Invader will give you a nice stoning effect. The smoke has average contents of THC and CBD. Taste and aroma are very similar to Zambeza Seeds Blue Magnum, with a sweet aroma and - as the name suggests - delicate taste of blueberries. The great taste and effect achieved with little effort with cultivation will definitely appeal to a number of growers.

Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

CBD: Average

Genetics: Ruderalis x Blueberry x Fast Bud

THC: Average

Effect: Stoned

Height: 60-75 cm

Yield: Large

  • 70-80 Days
  • Auto
  • Short - Medium
  • Feminised
  • Medium
  • Indica Sativa
  • Indoor and Outdoor
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