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Caviar Lime x Melon Feminised

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Flowering Time
8-10 Weeks
Lineage Caviar Lime  x Melon
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Caviar Lime from Grounded Genetics is a cross using the universally renowned Lemmonnade. Lemonnade is one of those infamous 'hall of fame' cannabis strains, undoubtedly thanks to the intense fresh lemon peel terps and how she translates perfectly from aroma to flavour. Grounded Genetics created the Caviar Lime by pollinating the Lemmonade with their reversal of the mind-blowingly potent Gelato 41 cut. The flavours found in the Caviar Lime tend to balance nicely from the Parents' terps, allowing the loud Lemon candy flavour to come through whilst being balanced by the gas and cream notes from the Gelato 41. The buds also express excellent growing traits, as the Bacio lent recessive traits to the Caviar Lime x Melon progeny, increasing density, purple colouring and also seriously improving the overall potency and resin production. Caviar Lime is definitely an intricate and complex cultivar that stands out against the crowd and should be a great flavour for extracting. Meanwhile, Karma Genetics Melon has been used here to pollinate the Caviar Lime. Karma's Melon has stood the test of time as these genetics were originally gifted in the overgrow forum days, and it is still an excellent strain today, bringing an exorbitantly candied green melon terp profile that is heavily undercut by gas. Karma Genetics' Melon grows with an indica shape and produced gigantic fan leafs. The Caviar Lime x Melon is definitely not a strain to miss, so grab a pack or 2 whilst you can. 

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