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Champagne Cake Feminised

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Flowering Time
9 Weeks
Lineage Brute Rose x Pancakes (Kush Mints #11 x London Pound Cake #75)
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

The exotic Pink Champagne flavour profile found in the Brute Rose is a unique flavour that is undoubtedly a strain for the true connoisseur. The Pink Champagne flavour from the Brute Rose is expressed as a bright, sparkling strawberry and lemonade terp profile. She stacks on vast quantities of buds, and the Strawberry Stardawg lineage truly shines through, ensuring she is the perfect smoke for a sunny day. The growth of Brute Rose is seriously impressive, stacking on hundreds of sites for bud growth and the Kush Mints11 and acts as a super catalyst ensuring she is a monstrous producer of fat buds in your garden. As you stand back and watch, she will quickly fill the space and fatten so quickly that she might need stakes. No problem, though she is well worth it. The Champagne Cake provides a clever Strawberry stone; it feels like those special stoned walks through nature where you notice the intricate nature & majestic surroundings. You'll feel the doors of perception open up and lead you down the blissful garden path. So grab a pack of Champagne Cake feminised cannabis seeds by Holy Smoke Seeds & feel free to complete your daily duties whilst pains ebb, as you're engulfed in captivating feelings of bliss.

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