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Seeds Of Africa

Coffee Gold Regular

These plants grow in the heart of the wild coast, on the banks of rivers that wind between idyllic cliffs towards the sparkling ocean. Growing close to Coffee bay, so named after the hundreds of coffee trees that grew from beans scattered by a shipwreck long ago, these genetics may have also been part of that precious ancient cargo. This rare land race strain lives in a tropical climate consisting of hot and humid summers and mild dry winters and animals close by comprise mainly of many insects, birds and monkeys. The Bomvana Tribe – part of the Xhosa people, live here, North of the Mbashe river.

This huge, raging river is referred to as ‘dark river’ or ‘dangerous ravine’ in the Xhosa language. Other tribes that make up Xhosa people are Mpondo, Xesibe, Mpondomise and Thembu to name a few and all have related cultural similarities but also unique differences in their individual rituals and rites of passage. The Bomvana tribe have been said to have traded tobacco and cannabis with the Amapondo and other Xhosa speaking tribes for metal long long ago. It is perhaps this strain that was traded as they refer to Coffee Gold as “medicine” – highlighting the importance of the plant to the people. It, no doubt, would have commanded a high trade-in value for its medical properties.

It’s large, dense buds burst with purple colours when it reaches full maturity, and it never seems to stop flowering, budding all the way up its long stems and branches between its thin lime green leaves. It grows medium-tall, smells of subtle sour fruits- almost like greengage, gooseberry and grape and it produces a very therapeutic, relaxing high. It is prized locally for its healing properties and it gives an intense sense of well-being when consumed which, locally, is in either a tea-like infusion or smoked in its purest form in pipes. This potent medicine should be used worldwide and we have been gifted with the location of the plants with the strongest healing properties according to local knowledge.

This plant doesn't populate large areas and so this medicine is highly regarded-its actual whereabouts is a much guarded secret.

Origin: South Africa

Type: Sativa, Non Feminised

Area: Outdoor and indoor

Flowering time: Up to 14 weeks

  • Regular
  • 13-14 Weeks
  • Photo
  • Sativa
  • Indoor and Outdoor
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