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Congo Regular

This delicious African hybrid combines the Bangi Congo, which is a rare, almost extinct, fast flowering and small African sativa; the Congo #3, which is another Congolese sativa with a strong energetic effect of exquisite quality, with a hint of Chitral Indica to keep down the height and flowering time of the final hybrid.

F5 Hybrid

75 % Sativa / 25 % Indica

Flowering Indoors: 9-11 weeks

Flowering Outdoors: 3rd week of october

Yield / m2: Average - high

Genetics: Bangi Congo x (congo #3/chitral indica).

Structure: Strong, branchy, mid-height sativa structure.

High: Premium quality energetic and psychedelic high, perfect for an open minded, creative and active life style.

Bouquet: Wild strawberry and flower petal aroma.

Growing Tips: Recommended for indoor and outdoor growing in warm climates (both dry and wet).

Congo has been successfully grown even in latitudes of 45ºN.



  • Indica
  • 9-10 Weeks
  • Regular
  • Photo
  • Medium
  • Indoor and Outdoor
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