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Crumbled Melon Feminised

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Flowering Time
9-10 Weeks
Lineage Crumbled Lime x Melon
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Crumbled Melon female weed seeds by Karma Genetics are part of the latest new strains to join the Melon collection from Karma Genetics which consists of a number of incredible strains that have all been pollinated with Karma Genetics Reversed Melon pollen. Karma Genetics is well known for putting out countless strains that exhibit some of the best terp profiles in the cannabis universe combined with mind-bending potency and great plant structures & bag appeal. Crumbled Melon is a new hybrid strain that breeds two of Karma's signature strains. Crumbled Melon's mother is Karma's infamous Crumbled Lime, which they've dusted with the pollen from Karma Genetics' melon reversal. The Crumbled Lime gives this hybrid a beautiful blend of orange citrus which is balanced by a doughy, creamy aroma and flavour profile. Meanwhile, the Melon adds heavy potency in the form of a sedative Indica variety whilst also adding an exotic candy and gassy green melon candy flavour to the terp profile. Some progeny express deep purples on the leaves during late flower as is typically found in the Crumbled Lime mother. The overall structure is quite tight and a medium stretch, the Crumbled Melon is easy to grow and as such will be a perfect cultivar for both novice & expert growers. 

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