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Daddy Kosher Regular

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Flowering Time
7-8 Weeks
Lineage Kosherberriez x Kosherberriez
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

The Kosherberriez project began a couple of years ago, and Dank Hunters Seed.CO have been working daily ever since to perfect & solidify their unique characteristics. Dank Hunters Seed.CO took their winning cut of the Kosher Kush and crossed it with a blueberry male that they've protected since they found out that it was the perfect male to add crazy dense bud structure and  intense blueberry aroma and flavours. They went through more than 500 plants to pick their winning Kosherberries strain, which was a staple in the now-defunct Club 33, they then stabilised her, and after around 15 months, they crossed her with the infamous candy-filled Zkittlez aka The Original Z strain. After the Kosherberries was crossed with the Zkittlez to create Kosherberriez. Daddy Kosher for a reason, produces unbelievably rock-hard, dense buds with blue and purple tones and an exceptional bag appeal that's sure to excite the senses of the most discerning grower. The terp profile is extremely Kosher Kush dominant, but Daddy Kosher also produces bright hints of blueberries and Zkittlez candy notes that have been a trademarked staple strain for the Dank Hunters Seed.CO team since they first isolated her & now they've finally put her out in regular seeds..

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