Dessert Isle Auto

Dessert Isle Auto

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Flowering Time
11-12 Weeks
Lineage (Toof Decay x Tyrone Stomper) X Mango Isle
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

If you're ready for dessert then this is the strain for you! Night Owl seeds made the Toof Decay x Tyrone Stomper back in 2015, with a very different and unique-smelling yellow birthday cake phenotype of their F1 Tyrone Stomper photoperiod male.  After popping a good selection of seeds they found a few more of these creamy vanilla frosting birthday cake phenotypes to work further. After selecting a Mango Isle, they found one that is a little stretchier and more spread out flower formations than the pure Toof Decay, but with far better resin cover & stellar resistance to bud rot.  Typically the Dessert Isle Auto progeny produces vanilla flavours mixed with a candy citrus punch from the mango sile, and an insane amount of resin from the Tyrone Stomper ensuring she's a winner.  Dessert Isle Auto is the perfect strain to go on a trip down the dessert aisle, but you might grab everything on the shelves. If this line was ever worked into an F2, then there could be a wide variety of different flavours and effects to enjoy ranging from the heaviest of indicas to the most soaring sativas.

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