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Durban Feminised

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Flowering Time
6-10 Weeks
Lineage African Genetics
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Durban Feminized is one of Sensi Seeds’ purest outdoor sativa strains. Its genetics originate from South Africa. Durban Feminized is slightly shorter than the average sativa. It’s also quicker to finish flowering, and produces dense, heavy buds. Being resistant to mould, low-maintenance, and fast-growing, Durban Feminized is suitable for even inexperienced growers. The plants grow steadily. By keeping the vegetation period short and/or cutting them back, their height can be limited to just 150 centimetres if required. Using this approach makes it well-suited to growing in smaller gardens, or even on a balcony. Gardeners looking to maximise the height should start the seeds indoors in early spring, move them outside once the frosts are definitely over, then resist pruning or cutting them back. This approach results in plants that are around a metre taller. Durban Feminized produces distinctively sweet aromas and flavours, with strong top notes of citrus and aniseed. Plants with darker leaves often have an earthier, warmer scent while they’re flowering, which subtly shifts to coffee, sandalwood or even chocolate.

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