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Early Pearl Regular

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Flowering Time
7-10 Weeks
Lineage Proprietary secret
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Early Pearl Regular cannabis seeds are 75% sativa and 25% indica. It’s the first sativa-dominant strain to be developed specifically to thrive in shorter summers, and in cooler climates. The indica genetics add robustness and ease-of-maintenance (while boosting the yield), but the high is pure sativa; vibrant, uplifting and energizing. It has a relatively short flowering time of 50 to 70 days. To maximise the harvest, growers recommend planting the seeds inside as winter comes to an end, then moving them outside to a sunny spot after spring equinox. When grown outdoors, it’s sensible to anticipate impressive heights. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the plants to reach around 200 to 400 cm! Indoors, the growth is restricted to around 100 to 190 cm. The plants produce a fresh, zesty scent while growing, with notes of orange and pine. As the buds reach full maturity, the smell grows in strength, and takes on a hint of chopped wood and incense. The citrus and pine can both be detected in the taste.

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