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Exotic Seed

Exotic Colours Feminised


TIME: 9-10 Weeks


THC: -

INDICA/SATIVA: Indica Sativa


This is an extremely interesting and different cannabis seed gained from crossing Peyote Purple #7 with Sir Jack x P.C.K, resulting in a plant that when grown will produce very dark red and purple, sometimes black hues. This strain grows with an easy to manage columnar structure, with branches growing very close to the stem. Two distint aromas tend to emanate from this strain, with the darker plants exhibiting fresh floral tones with acidic tastes and tones. With phenos where the colour doesn't show through we have found they tend to emit a strong lemon odor. 

With regards to yield and plant structure there doesn't seem to be much varience between phenos, with a consistently high resin production and a medium to high yield. The effects of this strain are powerful, a definite bud to make you stare at the wall for hours.

  • Genetics: Peyote Purple #7 x (Sir Jack x P.C.K)
  • Flowering Time: 9 Weeks
  • Average Yield: 550-600 gr/m²
  • Effect: Uplifting