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Fat Pete's Cookies Auto

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Flowering Time
12-13 Weeks
Lineage Auto Creeper x Auto Cookies.
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Fat Pete’s Cookies Auto has a sweet & fruity aroma with spicy and piney tones. Its aroma is quite pungent. The buds are covered in sticky resin and smell absolutely wonderful. Most plants smell sweet and fruity and will sometimes have a doughy undertone. Others have a fruitier character, with hints of tropical fruit, both sweet and sour at the same time. This makes the terpene profile quite special and very tasty. The taste of this strain is quite complex, and you can have the more sweet and fruity tones on the inhale and the more spicy and sour tones on the exhale. It’s really a unique hybrid autoflower variety that will capture your senses! Fat Pete’s Cookies Auto is an autoflowering strain with a big yield. In the hands of an expert truly massive harvests are possible. In the hands of a beginner yields that are above average aren’t difficult to achieve either. These ladies know how to deliver! She produces big plants with big flowers. These buds feel solid and dense. When you grow Fat Pete’s Cookies indoors, yields of around 450-550g can be achieved.

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