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Gage Green Group

Flight 813 Regular

Flight 813 was bred for each parent's potency and flavor. The exotic flavors and look come from Mandala's Eight Miles High parent which was bred from landrace seeds discovered in Africa and India. This is an excellent medical strain with a pleasant and upbeat effect. The smells are complex and include scents of vanilla, lemons, and various herbs. These are F1 genetics with many keepers attributes to be found.

Genetic Facts:

Mandala's 8 Miles High x Mr. Nice's G13 Skunk

Sativa/Indica Hybrid

Flowering: 8 - 9 Weeks

Easy and vigorous. High Yields

Very strong medicinal qualities for relieving stress and pain.

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  • 8-9 Weeks
  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Indica Sativa
  • High
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