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Frozen Rosé Feminised

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Flowering Time
8.5 - 9 Weeks
Lineage Rosé x Sour Apple Runtz
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Frozen Rosé by Conscious Genetics is one of several new hybrids that fuse several Conscious Genetics' Conscious Kush V1 hybrids pollinated with their reversal of the unique Sour Apple Runtz clone. Rosé is a cross of the infamous Tangie from Crockett's Family Farm/ DNA Genetics that has been pollinated with Conscious Genetics' Huckleberry Soda x Conscious Kush V1). The resulting progeny was then pollinated with Conscious Genetics' reversal of the Sour Apple Runtz clone, a hybrid of the Runtz x Lumpy's Apple Fritter (reversed).  The Rose was selected as the mother to bring her unique, intensely complex red wine terps; thankfully, she brings this to the table & infuses it with the decadent creamy notes from the Sour Apple Runtz pollination. The Sour Apple Runtz also passed over its elevated THC production of 30% and created some unbelievably resinous flowers that grow in a range of phenotypes that are all either short- medium heights and are estimated to require 8.5-9 weeks of flowering before harvest.  Frozen Rosé is a super unique variety and is another great choice for extraction thats to the Sour Apple Runtz heavy resin production as well as the complex flavours.  Sour Apple Runtz is itself a hybrid of the infamous Runtz cut pollinated with the reversal of Lumpy's cut of the Apple Fritter. Sour Apple Runtz is known for its crazy THC production, which has rocked every smoker that has tried it and ensured it was a stellar choice for breeding. Some phenotypes can express some of the Apple Fritter notes from the Sour Apple Runtz and the decadent, rich cream.

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