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Garlic Grapes Regular

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Flowering Time
Lineage Garlic Cookies (AKA GMO) x Grape Topanga x Zkittlez Cake
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Garlic Grapes has great hash washing potential as well as flower potential as it uses the GMO mother, which is well known as the baseline for all hash washing returns as it tends to have the highest reported number, maxing out at around 8% (Whole Plant Fresh Frozen weight).  The GMO cut used was gifted to Fidel by Bobby Trill of Trilogy710 and, Fidel refers to it as the true body odour of the Cannabis Plant. Marijuana sweat smells like GMO in his opinion, it is pure funk. This has then been crossed with their male from a large pheno hunt of Jungle Boy seeds that crossed together their Zkittlez Cake with their Grape Topanga. Zkittlez Cake crosses Zkittlez with their Wedding Cake Cut, whist the Grape Topanga crossed Jungle Boy's Heirloom OG with their Grape Pie Cut. No doubt Fidel's Seed Co Garlic Grapes is packed full of incredible terps to be found from the Zkittlez, Grape, OG & GMO lineage as well as some serious power from the GMO, OG & Cake lineage as well as impressive hash washing potential genetics. 

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