Gushin' 98 Feminised

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Flowering Time
9-10 Weeks
Lineage Gushers x Pre98 Bubba (Reversal)
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Gushin '98 is one of the new strains to join the loftily high legions of The Cali Connection's exceptional genetics. The Cali Connection took the renowned Gushers, itself a cross of the legendary Gelato 41 known for its power & exotic terp profile, crossed with the powerhouse TK aka Triangle Kush known for its mind-melting properties, and crossed this mother with the Pre-98 Bubba reversed pollen. Gushin'98's nose is exceptionally complex, mixing chocolate hash notes with that classic, sweet, and gassy Gelato terps from the Gushers. Cali Connection used the pollen from their tried and tested Original Pre98 Bubba reversal of their Pre-98 Bubba stud. The resulting progeny is a much more sturdy and higher-yielding version of Gushers that emits that exotic and wickedly potent gassy gushers terp profile mixed with notes of chocolate and hash with that classic gaseous Gushers flavour. The progeny's yields are medium to large and significantly exceed the parent's. 

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