Hazanana Feminised

Hazanana Feminised

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Flowering Time
8-9 Weeks
Lineage Neville's Haze x Banana Candy Krush
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Hazanana by T.H.Seeds x Killah Priest, is a new haze hybrid that crosses the legendary Neville's Haze with T.H. Seed's Banana Candy Krush. T.H.Seeds met with the icon, Killah Priest of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, to discuss a collaborative strain. Killah Priest explained how he enjoys the power behind the new-school Indica varieties and the flavour and uplifting effects of the old-school haze varieties. Killah Priest is from New York, and New York is one of the spiritual homes of 'piff' aka hazes. The strains to use for this collaborative haze-hybrid were a no-brainer: the legendary Neville's Haze was selected to breed withT.H.Seeds™ highest THC strain, the Banana Candy Krush. The resulting progeny is the new school legend, the Hazanana! Hazanana is strong and intense, just like Killah Priest himself.  To create the Hazanana, T.H.Seeds breeder took their oldest and most-prized private cuts of Neville's haze with an 11-week flowering time, excellent high and unique terpene profile and hit it with the 25%+ THC strains. The breeder then selected the best phenotype with a 9-week flowering time, and this future legendary hybrid was created.

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