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Sativa Seedbank

Haze 1 Regular

YIELD: Medium

TIME: 12-14 Weeks


THC: -



The roots of Nirvana Haze lie in the foothills of the Bay Area, California, in the 1970's. A stable, magical marijuana mix of Columbian, Mexican, Thai and Jamaican cannabis, Haze has fluffy buds and a very long flowering period. It delivers an intense rushing high. Haze has a complex aroma which almost makes it smell like it's not marijuana. This cannabis strain is exceptionally suitable for medicinal applications.

White Strain: No

Medical Use: Yes

Effect: High (Head Trip, Cerebral Effect)

Flowering Period: 12 - 14 weeks

Average Yield: 250 - 350 g/m² in SOG

Flavour: Herbal, Pine

Plant Height: Tall

Cultivation: Indoor

Plant Type Predominantly Sativa