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Hazey High Regular

YIELD: Medium

TIME: 10-14 Weeks


THC: -


HABITAT: Indoor and Outdoor

Tropical Seeds used their best Ciskei P3 female, potent, with an acid green apple scent on it…with an impressive OT Haze male which has proven to give an excellent offspring, just like in the Old Congo strain many have had the chance to try and enjoy. The result is a branchy strain, covered in medium sized buds spread around the plant. Scents are fresh, like orange strips, tropical fruits, spicy background. Potent effect, cerebral buzz, starting to make the brain work and also stimulating creativeness. Let Hazey High surprise you and fly trough the tropical areas that gave form to this hybrid.

Genetics: Ciskei Highland x OT Haze

Pack Size: 10 Seeds

Variety: Sativa

Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Sex: Regular

THC Content: High

Yield: Medium

Flowering Time: 10-13 weeks

Taste / Flavour: Flowery, Orange, Spicy / Herbal

Effect: Creative