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Cali Connection

Jedi Kush Feminized


TIME: 8-11 Weeks


THC: THC 20-25%

INDICA/SATIVA: Indica Sativa

HABITAT: Indoor and Outdoor




Death-Star x SFV OGK F5​




Jedi Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds by The Cali Connection 



The Jedi Kush is a cross of the legendary Death-Star, clone-only strain born and bred in Ohio, and was hit with pollen from Swerve's SFV OGK F5 male.


The DeathStar is a hybrid of a very special ECSD crossed to a rare phenotype of Sensi Star, from Paradise's original stock (before it was re-released ). It is known for having tight internodes, light stretch, and forms rock hard, golf-ball like nugs. . Hitting it with Cali Connection's SFV OGK F5 should make for a legendary hybrid with great vigor and really bring out the 'candied lemon' Taste of the DeathStar with the SFV OGK's 'Lemon Fuel' funk.




Jedi Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds by The Cali Connection. Available to buy online now from Dr Chronic Seeds. The UK’s favourite Cannabis Seed bank. Discreet worldwide shipping.