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Devil's Harvest

John Doe Regular

G13 Indica x Strawberry Sour Diesel

Sick of all the boring flavours in your neighbourhood but still want a kick in the head? John Doe is a union of the dominating G13 and tangy new Strawberry Sour Diesel, retaining as much indica effect as possible with a creamy, minty eucalyptus taste. She may be harvested at around ten weeks for flavour or the more patient growers can let her flourish another week into her potential massive yield. This monster plant doesn’t like overcrowding; make sure to limit your veg time or apply bonsai techniques to increase air flow. Water her well, stand back and enjoy this beautiful and highly unusual plant.

Flowers in: 65-75 days

Yield: Very High

  • Very High
  • Regular
  • 9-11 Weeks
  • Photo
  • Indica Sativa
  • Indoor and Outdoor
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