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Submitted on 2016-09-06


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King Kush Feminised

This squat Indica resin monster produces rock hard buds dripping in resin. Prominent aromas of sweet pine, musk and slight earthy notes. Growing in intensity during flowering to finish as a beautifully sweet Kush. This almost pure Indica is ideal for extractions and makes such great quality hashish.

To create this strain we have used two truly legendary varieties:

Hindu Kush. A pure Landrace Indica hand selected from thousands of plants way back in the 1970’s. One of the first ever Kush strains used for breeding and mother of most of the modern day Hindu Kush varieties.

Pot of Gold. Aka ‘The Pure’ created by The Flying Dutchmen Seed Company. We have kept this magnificent F1 hybrid, of Skunk x Kush, alive since we noticed it performing better than any of the other POG varieties at the Cannabis College garden.

Growing King Kush

Make sure to veg these beauties to an appropriate size as they do not stretch when flowering. This makes them perfect for growing in tight spaces, great for small indoor tents and other height restricted areas. Outdoors they will become gigantic Kush producing monsters. Don’t be scared to feed these more than usual as they can easily manage heavy feeds. 

The genetics used to produce the King Kush have been kept alive for more than 30 years! All thanks to the dedicated members of our company and especially our newest member to the team ‘The Librarian.’ They have kept many of the oldest genetic pools of Cannabis alive for countless numbers of different seed companies. Our King Kush is probably the closest to the original on the market. You could use our King Kush for breeding projects or anything that you would like to introduce Kush genetics to.  

Join the legends and get your King Kush Cannabis Seeds here today at 

Hindu Kush x Pot Of Gold (POG)

  • Flowering time: 10 weeks


  • 10-11 Weeks
  • Indica
  • Feminised
  • Photo
  • Indoor and Outdoor
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