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Kosher Candy Regular

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Flowering Time
7-8 Weeks
Lineage Kosherberriez x Double Caked Candy
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Kosher Candy from Dankhunters Seeds.CO is one of the newest strains to build on the insane legacy that the Kosherberriez strain has carried from the hugely talented breeders at Dankhunters Seeds.CO. The Kosherberriez mother is the result of years of hard work from the original Kosherberry, which bred Dank Hunters' special cut of the Kosher Kush with their great Blueberry male. The Blueberry male is a proven stud who easily improves the bag appeal and structure whilst adding rich blueberry tones to the resulting progeny. This signature strain has been crossed with Zkittlez to add an insane tropical candy terp profile to the unique Kosherberries. Dankhunters Seeds.CO's Double Caked Candy is the parent of the Kosher Candy and is another stellar example of Dank Hunters' genetic capability; the Double Caked Candy blends fizzy candied Zkittlez notes with a rich vanilla gassy cake terps, giving potent effects not typically found in most Zkittlez hybrids. The result of this cross is nothing short of magic, packed with ample fruit and kush notes as well as an exorbitantly sweet-yet sour Zkittlez aroma and mouth-watering flavours alongside a large dense bud structure.

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