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Kosher Creamz Regular

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Flowering Time
8-9 Weeks
Lineage Kosherberriez x Creme A L Oranges
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Kosher Creamz by Dank Hunters.CO is one of the newest hybrids that builds off the sensational strain of the Kosherberriez from Dankhunters Seeds.CO. The Kosherberriez is the product of the Kosherberries strain crossed with Zkittlez. Kosherberries wasa staple variety available in the notorious Club 33; the Kosherberries were created by crossing Dank Hunter's highly acclaimed cut of the Kosher Kush with a stellar Blueberry stud. Dankhunters Seeds.CO chose the Blueberry male for its excellent structure, density, and ability to provide heavy blueberry terps to everything he pollinates. Next, Dank Hunters. Co then took their Creme A L Oranges, which is a cross of their ODVZ, which is Zkittlez crossed with Jah Hoover of Lady Sativa Genetics' cut of the ODV3 (Orange Diesel Version 3), crossed with their Orange Tree male that produces a crazy blend of orange, milk and creamy skunk notes. The clue is in the parent's name with the Creme A L Oranges. Dank Hunters. Co found a particular phenotype that produces a crazy orange cream pheno; the aroma is so unique that when Dank Hunters Seed Co crossed it with the Kosherberriez, it was indeed a match made in heaven and gave a real different spin to their orangey Kosherberriez hybrids. 

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