London Kosher Regular

London Kosher Regular

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Flowering Time
8-9 Weeks
Lineage Kosherberriez x Kosher Kush
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

London Kosher by Dankhunters Seeds.CO is one of the seven new hybrids that use the Kosherberriez as the mother strain that builds on the legacy of the Kosherberriez & the Kosherberries. Kosherberries is a cross of Dankhunters Seeds.CO cut of the Kosher Kush with a unique Blueberry male that increases the overall structure of any strain he fathers as well as adding an incredible Blueberry terp to the progeny. Dankhunters Seeds.CO have been working on the Kosherberriez and the Kosherberries heritage for years and have produced countless genetics that stands the test of time; these new Kosherberriez hybrids are the culmination of their determination & perseverance of this hard work. Kosherberriez is a cross of the Kosherberries with the infamous world-class Zkittlez clone that adds some intense candy notes to the gassy blueberry funk from the Kosherberriez. London Kosher is the perfect example of the new school and old school, Dankhunters Seeds.CO bring the Kosher Kush back to the table that at one point was flooding the streets of London with heavy potent gas. Dankhunters Seeds.CO took this unique Kosher Kush cut they've maintained for countless years and crossed her back to the Kosher Berriez, which has deepened the Kosher Kush lineage significantly.

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