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White Label Seeds

Master Kush Regular

YIELD: Medium

TIME: 7-8 Weeks


THC: -


HABITAT: Indoor and Outdoor

An Indian-Afghani hybrid created from two true-breeding Indica seed lines that were collected in different parts of the Hindu-Kush mountains. The cannabis from this area has always been valued for its resin production and Master Kush retains this quality, as well as the vintage flavour of her parents earthy and pungent, with a hint of incense. The taste of Master Kush will remind many smokers of hand-rubbed charas hashish. This is no surprise, as Kush weed is a major source of charas. A plant of great physical power, without the mind-numbing 'stoney' effect of many Indica strains.

Cannabis Cup Winner: Highlife 2004

Temperate / Continental: Master Kush can be grown outside in a normal warm summer

Compact plant

Short Flowering Period: (50 - 55 days)

Medium Yield

95% Indica